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Our Services

At PursuitPT, our passion is helping you reduce your pain, recover from injury, and return to your favorite activities again.

Common conditions we treat include:

For treatment, we use a wide variety of tools/techniques to reduce your pain quickly and get you back to the activities you enjoy as soon as possible!

We also offer wellness services such as dry needling, cupping, and performance analysis to help optimize your health and maximize your performance.

dry needling therapy

Dry Needling

The use of non-medicated needles and electrical stimulation to decrease pain and reduce tissue tightness/tension

Spinal Manipulation

Proven techniques to rapidly decrease your pain and allow you to move better.

physical therapist in crown point

Manual Therapy

Hands on techniques designed to quickly reduce your pain, improve your mobility, and get you moving again


The use of cups to reduce pain, increase tissue mobility, and improve blood flow.

physical therapy in crown point

Exercise Prescription

Tailored exercises and movements you need to reduce your pain, improve your mobility, and increase your strength

Performance Analysis

Lifting technique analysis, combining the skill set and background of medical knowledge with high-level performance analysis